“The problem is not knowing what to do, but doing what needs to be done”


  1. PROFITABILITY OPTIMIZATION → (Marginal Revenue)/(Investment)


  3. BUILDUP OF “COGNITIVE CAPITAL” Periodical Algorithms Training

  4. IMPROVE MACHINE LEARNING CLIENT'S CAPABILITIES Train Clients Teams, Tune-up Systems and Proceses for Self-Development

  5. CO-DESIGN Full Integration of Client's Strategy & Way of Doing Things


DATA2CASH Opportunities Workshop

  1. Presentation 1: Indications for a High Performance Workshop

  2. Presentation 2: Artificial Intelligence for "Dummies"

  3. Presentation 3: Insights found in the First Algorithm Training.

  4. Dynamic 1 – WHY: Team derivation of the "Artificial Intelligence WHY Canvas" → Shared and consensual view of what is sought to be achieved with the use of Artificial Intelligence tools.

  5. Dynamic 2 – Opportunities: Team derivation of the “Artificial Intelligence Canvas” → Derivation of the main Artificial Intelligent Business opportunities for the Company

  6. Dynamic 3 – Opportunities Hierarchy: Derivation of the return-difficulty matrix for each opportunity

  7. Dynamic 4 – Cognitive Businesses Road Map: Construction of a 3-year Artificial Intelligence Initiatives Road Map for the Company


Delivered and presented to the partners and C-Level:

1. Executive Summary

2. Issue Tree:

  • Business Opportunities Structure

  • Data Derived Value Solutions Hypothesis

  • Future products and services justificación supported on company's strategy, data and analytics

3. Use Cases + Functional Scope:

  • For the highest-impact/least-effort initiative, the development of a minimally viable product/solution to be launched in less than 45 days is detailed.

  • Since the launch of the first initiative generates learning, the rest of the initiatives are described more generally.