• 100% Customizable

  • Between 3 to 6 hours

  • Remote, Presential & Hybrid

  • Agile

  • Follow-up Report

  • Free Delivery of Digital Content, Online and App

Commercial Effectiveness & Neuro-Sales

Applied use of the latest techniques to achieve the generation of empathy and trust at a neural level with the client


  • Commercial Effort Optimization

  • Commissions Improvement

  • Organizational Climate Improvement: Trust, Impartiality, Loyalty

  • New Competences Incorporation:

    • Cloud Sales Funnel

    • Using Smartphones for Business Efficiency

    • Sales Strategy Based on Personal Strengths

    • Style Customization With State of the Art Tech Sales Tools

    • NeuroSelling

    • Emotions Self-Management

Happiness & Productivity

I have done several workshops with consultants, and I loved this one. I really enjoyed it, learnt a lot and had fun. I deeply appreciate the initiative (...), and the consultant for their fun and different approach, that is very well informed and supported by the last studies and tendencies

Lawyer – LATAM Airlines

(Largest Latin American Airline)


  • Productivity Increase Due to “Quick-Wins”

  • Asset Turnover Improvement

  • Better Collaboration, Communication and Commitment.

  • New Competences Incorporation:

    • Personal Productivity Techniques

    • Agreements Tracking Cloud Tool

    • Δ+ Collaboration With the Use of Smartphones and Openpreneur Free App

    • Daily Management Based on Personal Strengths

    • Work Style Customization

    • Joymmitment for Leadership Self-Management

    • Emotions Self-Management

Goals & Strategy

Dynamic and entertaining. Relevant topics for the team were discussed and a lot was achieved in the short duration of the workshop

Customer Intelligence Executive - CENCOSUD

(Largest Latin American Retailer)


  • S.M.A.R.T. Shared-Agreed Action Plan Over an Aligned Strategy

  • Team Joint Definition and Commitment of Goals and KPIs

  • Agile Implementation

  • Organizational Climate Improvement: Trust, Impartiality, Loyalty, Credibility and Camaraderie.

  • New Competences Incorporation:

    • Cloud Based Initiative Management Tool

    • Smartphones Used on Execution Efficiency

    • Organizational Culture Bases Strategy Execution

High Performance Teams

I think that their way of approaching the issues is different, they invite each one of the people present to be participants, they empower and provide tools that not only help in the workplace, but can also be used in the personal sphere”


(Chilean Pharmacy Retail Chain)


  • Improved coordination and use of team time

  • Greater focus and quality of execution on daily activities

  • Organizational Climate Improvement: Trust, Impartiality, Loyalty, Credibility and Camaraderie.

  • New Competences Incorporation:

    • Cloud Tool for Management by Commitments

    • S.M.A.R.T Requests

    • Openpreneur Proprietary Free Apps for Daily Efficiency

    • Work Style Customization

    • Applied Joymmitment

    • Emotions Self-Management